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Stephanie Howard

My name is Stephanie Howard, and I am thirty years of age, I am a mother of two boys who I deeply love and care for and I am also married to the love of my life, and he is also my best friend. I started my journey in March of 2022 and when I went through training, I knew this was going to be something I truly enjoyed. When I graduated and began my journey in production, I was very nervous but after speaking with the members I learned very quickly that each member depends on the agents that they speak with because that agent ensures the member that their medications will be handled correctly, which gives them comfort knowing that they will have their medications delivered straight to their home in a timely manner. I connected with each member on different levels because some members just wanted to have that confirmation that their medication was processing or if it’s shipped then they wanted off the phone, and then there were the members who wanted to vent or even just someone to talk to because of not having anyone around to just have a conversation with. My best memory that I hold close to my heart was a wonderful woman who had just been released from the hospital due to her having diabetes and not being able to afford her medication. She wanted to see if she had a balance and if so, was she still able to order her diabetic medication. I informed her of the past due balance and that due to the number of days it had been passed due we were unable to process her medication. She immediately broke down and was so upset and was in that moment scared that she was going to end up right back in the hospital. When I took this role as an agent, I told myself that no matter what, I will make sure that every member is treated with care and passion and when she broke down, I knew exactly how I was going to help her. I paid off her balance and also paid for her medication so that she would have a zero-dollar balance and also not have to worry about having to make a payment on her medication. She then expressed how thankful she was that she had gotten connected with me and that when she got home, she prayed that a miracle would happen that would allow her to be able to take the medication that helped her stay healthy. She was very gracious and kept thanking me over and over and in that very moment I knew in that I was where I was supposed to be, and that this role was meant for me so that I could continue to help every member that I assisted and that every member could tell that I truly cared for them and cared about how important each medication was to them so that they could continue to live a healthy life. I have always loved helping others and have always treated everyone with absolute kindness because you never know what someone is going through and by showing and giving kindness it can just make the biggest difference in their lives. As a mom, I teach both of my boys that giving and being nice goes a long way and never goes unnoticed. I want my kids to always help others who are in need because by doing that you can change a person’s life by just being nice! I am now a SME/Team Lead and I as a leader I tell each one of my agents that no matter what I want you to make sure that each member is treated with kindness and treated with respect and to always go the extra mile when assisting because by them doing that the members will know that their health is in good hands and that this company truly cares about them. As I continue my journey here, I will always lead by example and will always lend a hand to anyone in need, and that’s why when my agents are asked about me, they always have great things to say because they know that I truly care for them and care for the members that depend on us to handle their medications with care.

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