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Steven Korkovsky

I started working at Foundever back in December of 2006 as CSP for a big German internet & phone company. Back in the days, I was only 19 years old (today I’m 32), and it was an exciting time getting into all the “support-stuff”. After some time, I switched for the first time into another project, still internet & phone stuff.

After some time as CSP on that project, I got the opportunity to work as a “line controller”. This was a different job, trying to keep the project as economical as possible. I had a lot of fun and gained so much experience during that time.

Sadly the project left Foundever. I needed to adapt again and joined another project for a mobile phone company before eventually ending up in my current project for a big printer and PC manufacturer.

I’ve been working on this current project since 2010 and started in 2011 as our very first Social Media Agent for that client. Today I handle technical questions on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even WhatsApp. The job is fun and challenging at the same time. My team is amazing and I’m looking forward to the years to come.

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