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Tori Padua

Summer 2011 was one of the most pivotal moments in my life when I had to finally leave the Engineering and Hospitality Industry. Coming home was a major scare because of being a “Rainbow Person”.

Landing a professional job in the Philippines was a great challenge for people like me; it was very difficult back then, so I left. But, now, I have returned by a call of fate.

I needed a job that would accept me for who I am. I tried my luck at applying for one when I was let go from the Hotel where I was employed.

One lady assisted me very professionally and politely, and I got hired! Thank you Ms. Samantha Torres! “I’m still here!!”

I felt awkward at first in all honesty, but soon enough, all that was gone. This is the first place of work where I humanly felt I belong and was applauded for what I can share as an associate.

Eight years later and I would still say that every day, I am a work in progress but without the fear of being ridiculed for what I am.

This place – Our Workplace – what people call their Second home, Is my Home! The people around me, our support, I would say, has molded me to be the person I am today.

Thank you all for your help and care.

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