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T’sandra Paquette

In college, I began my career with Foundever under the impression that it would be a good part-time job to help me through my broke student days. I expected a paycheque, but what I didn’t expect was that I would start to…dare I say…enjoy my job. The friends I made and the management team made every obstacle I faced, a challenge I was proud to overcome, and with each challenge came the opportunity for growth.

Now, as a self-proclaimed nerd, I love the classroom environment – whether I am learning or have the chance to teach. So, during my first training session, I remember thinking about how being a Trainer would be a job I would really enjoy. I never thought it would happen, though, so I didn’t actively pursue it until about a year in. What changed my perspective was how supportive everyone was and the encouragement to grow within the company. Now in my three and a half years here, I went from being an agent supporting clients on the phone to a support role across different departments until finally, I reached my first goal of becoming a Learning Specialist.

I have been part of the Learning Department for the past almost two years, supporting 3 different campaigns, and have never been more proud of both the work I do here and the great individuals I get to work with and meet every day. What is the most exciting part now, though? Realizing how many possibilities the future holds, thanks to Foundever.

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