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Waldo Hernandez

My name is Waldo Hernandez. I’m 27 years old and I joined the Foundever family in March of 2017. I began being part of the FLIP program; then I got the chance to apply for a job. Throughout my life, there have been difficult situations since I was a child. I come from a humble family that lived off agriculture. Despite hard times, I was able to study my professional career. I studied Tourism and Hotel Management and I was working as a receptionist at a hotel, but everything was difficult – my mom was sick. Currently, she deals with an illness called Stroke (cerebrovascular accident, CVA) and it has been very difficult. Besides that, there are a lot of economic problems.

There were many times that I heard about Foundever; benefits, opportunities and job stability. Foundever used to perform Job Fairs at the place that I used to work. I saw it when people came to apply, but I was very afraid of doing it because I had not practiced English for a long time. But by the 3rd time, I decided to do it. It was great, the recruiters were very kind and that’s how I became part of the FLIP program. It was so helpful and once I finished it I got the amazing opportunity to apply for a job. And I MADE it.

Since I started working at Foundever, my life has been so different. I have been able to help my mom, I have found a second family, an amazing work environment, people who care about you, people you can trust and overall a place that makes me feel very good and gives me growth opportunities. I have learned how to manage stress and also how to care for customer needs by providing excellent service and it makes me feel proud of what I do. Every day, it’s my priority to implement the Foundever values (Be Bold, Build Trust, Wow Customers and Work Together) to deliver the message in a way that associates can enjoy and appreciate. I have learned to work as a team and have a great relationship with my coworkers and coaches by getting involved in many activities. Because working together is the key to success.

Now, I’m part of the Max Insiders Community and I am so excited to share my ideas and put into practice all the skills that I have by playing a key role in supporting my coworkers’ experience within Foundever.

I’m so proud of being part of the Foundever family and I’m so proud of being part of Max Insiders Community.


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