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Brittany Heard

I started as an agent on the phones at the Ocala site on September 9th, 2013. I never thought I would make a career from Foundever. I was just happy to be re-entering the workforce after having my first son. I spent about a year and a half taking calls for a few different campaigns before I applied to be a Quality Assurance Analyst. I interviewed and, to my surprise, was offered the position. I was a QA for about 5 months when our campaign had a posting for Coach Track Training. I applied for that, interviewed, and was offered the position. I was fortunate enough to, a few weeks later, be offered a Coach position and cross-train for the Member Service side. I then became the Transition Coach. After a year, I became the first cross-trained production Coach with the first-ever cross-trained agent team. I was offered, and I’m currently in the Operations Manager Growth Point position in November of 2018. I trained the first group of Bill Pay agents in Ocala Eservices. I traveled to Augusta, GA, to train the first Member Services class and open the campaign there.

I’ve worked closely with the client and our agents to build a great place to work. I’ve met lots of great people and learned a lot over the years at Foundever. I owe a big portion of my success to Serena Welcome, a wonderful mentor, coworker and friend. I love Foundever because of the endless amount of opportunities for growth. I’m constantly learning something and I have grown so much both personally and professionally since I started my journey at Foundever. I look forward to taking on any task that’s thrown at me on a daily basis and I appreciate every opportunity to grow and develop. Foundever is a great place to work full of amazing women and men. I also have 2 boys and 3 stepdaughters at home and I am expecting another boy in May. So between work and home, I have been very blessed. My favorite part of my job is being able to work with people. I love to see the development of others and help them navigate any challenges faced while reaching their professional goals. It’s such an awesome feeling seeing one of your agents become a mentor or a coach and knowing you had a positive impact on their journey.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting the bold and powerful women of Foundever, celebrating that we’re all different, but equal. These are their stories of diversity, balance, success, gender equality and about leading the change you want to see.

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