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Dieter Leunk

After spending a year down under in Australia, I came back to the Netherlands trying to decide where to go next. I found out about a work opportunity in Berlin, a project looking for Dutch speaking customer service agents. To be honest, I did not expect much out of it other than just a job. When I started working, I really appreciated the easy-going atmosphere in the project, but the thing that left an impression on me was how much my supervisors and co-workers helped me, not only with growing in my job but also privately. Moving to Germany involves a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork. Every step along the way, I felt so much help from around me, from finding housing to getting my taxes set up, a bank account, insurance, everything!

When I was working on the project for 6 months, my probation review came up with my supervisor. Happy as I was to pass my probation, I also mentioned to my supervisor I’d like to grow further in my career. After brainstorming together what might be some good opportunities for me to further develop, we came upon the idea of using my marketing background. Again I was positively surprised how things moved in Foundever. My supervisor, recruitment and marketing all were willing to listen to my story and trusted me with an opportunity I did not think was there even earlier that same day.

Now we are presented with another challenge again. All of us are facing the Corona pandemic. I’m happy to be working for a company where I feel I can trust my co-workers and supervisors having my back and everyone is doing their best to do their part.

This time is giving us the opportunity to try new things. For me, that’s yoga; after only 2 weeks, I can already say it’s become part of my morning routine and an amazing way to wake up and feel fresh! What’s something new you want to learn?


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