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Hugo Silva

Hi Everyone,

My name is Hugo Silva and well…my journey with Foundever started a long time ago. It makes me proud to say that I started working here on January 19th, 2004, as an agent at the age of 19.

Since then, I’ve created my path, and I can PROUDLY say that Foundever has always given me the chance to grow.

I started as an agent working for one of the oldest Foundever Portugal accounts and currently, I’m the WFM Lead for the whole country. From agent until now, I’ve gone through several positions, Mentor or 2nd Level, Team Manager, Operation Manager and even Operation Manager Implementation.

When I started at Foundever in 2004, we were approximately two to three hundred employees in a very familiar company where HR knew everyone’s name and their story. Although now it’s complicated to get this familiarity due to the growth, it still makes me proud to know we care about the people and we always do our best to make sure they feel welcome. I guess this is where we continue to make a difference when compared with other companies, and this is why many people leave and end up coming back to work with us.

I consider this my second family. Everyone that watched me join the company as a kid with no real objectives for life, at the age of 19, saw me grow professionally and personally. I’m now the father of a two and a half-year-old girl named Mia and Foundever also made part of this.

I want to finish my story by saying that on January 19th, 2004, four people started working here (myself included). One of them left, and the rest, well, the rest continues here and are living proof of what Foundever can do for us.

I’m currently the WFM Lead for Portugal, and the other one is the Site Director in Barcelona. Last but not least, the other one is a very successful Operation Manager on two projects.

Thank you, Foundever for everything.

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