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Jericho Nagsagaray

Hi! I am Jericho and a proud employee of ONE Foundever. I am nearing my regularization period on March 2023. This job taught me to be independent, earning my own money. I am able to provide for myself and enjoyed traveling. I can say this job made me more mature and responsible. I have also learned about work ethics. This job has influenced me to work hard and have fun. My decision-making skills have also improved. I am very thankful to the leaders who have shaped me to be a good employee.

This year, I hope to be promoted and be part of the Support Group. I am currently working on my skill sets to be a Product Expert so I can be part of the OCP Group and help those first-timers like me in the near future. I am also aiming to reward myself with a brand-new phone. I recommend other employees do the same when they are earning money. Reward yourself and feel good about investing in gadgets, insurance, or savings.

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