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Nicole Delpit

It has always been fascinating to me how one can acclimate to the most difficult of circumstances and find normalcy and calm. Life has taught me that by recognizing your circumstances, you can find determination and a belief in oneself.…

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Maria Harju

Growing up in Finland, women’s rights and gender equality were things that I took for granted. My Viking women ancestors – who were the most fearless voyagers and the ones carrying the keys to their homes and stock rooms –…

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Melissa Bailey

I come from a family where a strong work ethic is important; but so is having a good work/life balance. As a first generation American citizen, I embraced that philosophy while pursuing my professional goals and throughout college while earning…

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Terri Wert

I would love to tell my story, but somehow I am having a hard time putting into words how much I truly love Foundever and what the company has done for me professionally, and personally. After spending seven years on…

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Lisa Weaver

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, my childhood was often challenging; but I was always taught to believe in myself. I used my experience to fuel my aspirations to grow professionally. I set milestones and goals, and developed a plan to…

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